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La Fille Mal Gardee


Unknown Theatre, 1960 (The Royal Ballet)
Theatre Royal Drury Lane, 1964 (The Royal Ballet)

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Unknown Theatre
28th January 1960 (first performance by TRB)
The Royal Ballet

CharacterPlayed By

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Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Wednesday 15th July 1964
The Royal Ballet
Choreography: Frederick Ashton.
Music: Ferdinand Herold, freely adapted and arranged by John Lanchbery from the 1828 version.
Scenery and Costumes: Osbert Lancaster. Conductor: John Lanchbery.

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CharacterPlayed By
Widow Simone, a rich farmerStanley Holden
Lise, her daughterNadia Nerina
Colas, a young farmer in love with LiseDavid Blair
Thomas, a prosperous vineyard ownerLeslie Edwards
Alain, his sonAlexander Grant
Village NotaryFranklin White
His secretaryKeith Milland
CockerelLaurence Ruffell
HenMargaret Lyons
HenCarole Hill
HenSuzanna Raymond
HenJennifer Penney
Lise's FriendDeanne Bergsma
Lise's FriendVyvyan Lorrayne
Lise's FriendCarole Needham
Lise's FriendAnn Kenward
Lise's FriendVergie Derman
Lise's FriendRosalind Eyre
Lise's FriendJane Robinson
Lise's FriendAnn Jenner
Villagers, Harvesters, Grooms, etc.Artists of the Royal Ballet

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